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Senior VP, Eastern Regional Operations, Eldorado Resorts Inc.

(Fmr. GM, Tropicana Casino and Resort, Atlantic City)

"I met Dean at a fundraiser about 5 years ago and found him to be intelligent and well-spoken. As I learned what he did for a living I realized that we could use his services at Tropicana AC. His attention to detail and knowledge in his field gave us a lot of comfort. The services of his company were professional and a big help to our team. I would recommend Dean and his company."

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Managing Partner, Fortress Financial

"Dean is fantastic if you’re in crisis or simply rebuilding. He is also strong during the growth phase you may be going through.” 

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CEO, eCommerce Outdoors

"Dean Bult is an enthusiastic leader and expert at developing high performing teams. The development process Dean has mastered energizes both management and employees at all levels, leading to improved productivity. I would not hesitate to invest your time in having Bult & Associates understand your specific objectives along with your challenges so they can craft a unique program for your organization."​

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Sales Director, Ulthera Inc. 

“Dean Bult is a compassionate results-driven leader. He can mobilize a group of individuals

and help them understand how to become a high-performance team.”  

Our Clients 
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